Desperate Boatbuilders

September I have a new worker, Andy, hugely experienced as a university technician, a fine Finn sailor and someone who has built boats before. We also have Sam, a lad on a gap year, helping out. I have decided to put in a flare, a side extension to the hulls beneath the cockpit. This seems to be one of the … Read More

Cat in a Cowshed 

Last issue I discussed the reasons that led me to take the plunge into building my own cat. I cleared my diary so I could concentrate on it full-time for 2 years, bought in some of the materials and components when I could get them at discount rates, and booked Matt, a local builder and artist, for 8 weeks’ work… … Read More

Only For Nutters?!

Building your own cruising boat is not for the faint of heart. It is a major investment of time and money, likely to be one of the biggest things anybody constructs in their lifetime. Unlike finishing a hull or two, where at least you have the professional builders (and other owners of the same type) to turn to for advice … Read More