Round Britain – Carlingford to Ardglass

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday we were cowering in Carlingford Marina being battered by winds of force 6 gusting to 8, which persisted for 15 hours then suddenly vanished. It was so bad we were concerned about even getting up the pontoon, and spent a horrible night amid squeaks and groans.

Then today we left through their very narrow entrance to motor most of the way to Ardglass over a flat sea. The mountains of Mourne were truly at their best – and it is possible to confirm that they do actually come down to the sea!

One other photo for this post: P J O’Hare’s in Carlingford was amazing 27 years ago – a combination of general store, bar and petrol station. Modernioty has overtaken them, however, and it is now a genteel restaurant and bar. But the petrol pump is outside as a reminder.