Round Britain Day 12

Our third night in Newlyn Harbour. It doesn’t seem to quieten down much at night, and fishermen seem to prefer 4am to set off out to sea. Apparently a Scottish prawner (a boat not a person) fell over last night at low water, but I didn’t hear it above the usual din of throbbing diesels, squeaks from fenders and clanking. Wind has been much as predicted – too much and from the wrong direction. And rainy too. BUT….
Tomorrow we depart to go round Land’s End and on up to Milford Haven. At last the forecast gives f3 – 4 from the south west, and looks like it will be favourable until Wednesday. A chart showing the jet stream explains why the weather has been so variable – It seems to be winding around all over the UK. Let’s hope we can get out of home waters at last!