Round Britain Day 5

Oh dear, we’ve got stuck! The weather has gone seriously against us. Yesterday’s crossing from Fowey to Falmouth was grim, motoring into the teeth of a force 5 to 6 wind, with short steep waves shaking the boat and straining all the gear. It took 6 hours to go 25 miles, and we were exhausted by the end.

How so slow? When you can drive from Exeter to Falmouth in less than 4 hours, how come it has taken us 4 days?! Well, a sailing boat goes at about walking pace. And never in a straight line.

So we are stuck with strong contrary winds just now, unable to get round Land’s End. What we need is a steady SW, the prevailing direction normally, but not just now. We’ll have to wait. Falmouth has always been the place sailors wait until the wind beckons them back to sea. That miust be why there’s a pub right by the quayside!