Round Britain – Gometra to Mallaig

Tomorrow is another day, as they say, and the trip north from Gometra Harbour could not have been more of a contrast with the previous day’s motoring and flat sea. An easterly force 4 to 5 increased to a solid 6 across the Sound of Mull. For the first time ever we tucked a second reef in the main, rolled the jib in to half its size, and were still pounding north at 8 knots, at times doing 11 over the ground. The seas here are much smaller than those in the Channel, so the boat was very happy plugging away, and the crew not too uncomfortable either. One chap on a Rival told us about a large cat that was capsized here some years ago in rough weather, and I can imagine it gets pretty wild. That’s when we retreat to the pub!
Rounding Ardnamurchan Point apparently entitles you to put a sprig of white heather on your bows, so next time we see some… It certainly felt like another milestone going north. A bit of confusion about the height of tide for Arisaig meant we continued to Mallaig to pick up a mooring in the harbour. Another day of rest and laundry, refuelling and all that.
The forecast for the next week or so is for more of the same – light winds mostly, and a lot of sunshine. Truly we are blessed! But we have decided to try to sail at least half of each day, even if very slowly, as this isn’t a motoring trip after all.