Round Britain Day 12

Our third night in Newlyn Harbour. It doesn’t seem to quieten down much at night, and fishermen seem to prefer 4am to set off out to sea. Apparently a Scottish prawner (a boat not a person) fell over last night at low water, but I didn’t hear it above the usual din of throbbing diesels, squeaks from fenders and clanking. … Read More

Round Britain Day 7

Stuck on a pontoon at Falmouth Haven, with the wind pinning us on and fenders all squeaking away. Rain showers and no prospect of going anywhere today. We reckon early Monday morning might be an option to go directly to Milford Haven, about 150 miles. Otherwise it feels like being stuck in limbo….

Round Britain Day 5

Oh dear, we’ve got stuck! The weather has gone seriously against us. Yesterday’s crossing from Fowey to Falmouth was grim, motoring into the teeth of a force 5 to 6 wind, with short steep waves shaking the boat and straining all the gear. It took 6 hours to go 25 miles, and we were exhausted by the end. How so … Read More

Round Britain 2

Two days in, and we have already experienced fog, sunshine, thunder and lightning and a torrential rain shower! First night was in Salcombe, with an evening meal shared with Derek and Aidan from the club, and today we intended to get to Fowey. But autopilot failure meant that we diverted to Plymouth, in case it needed some serious attention. Turns … Read More

Round Britain 2018

Hopefully the first of a number of posts that will show our progress around the UK under sail in ‘Nellinui’ – assuming I can wrestle the technology into submission. But first…. the boat. If you have a look at some other stuff on the website, you will see that she is entirely home-built. A catamaran of 10m length, 6m beam, … Read More

Thinking the Unsinkable – Part 2

In the first article I explored some of the differences between multis and monohulls with regard to safety issues. Now we take a look at the worst-nightmare scenario, capsize, on the basis that being prepared for the worst means having confidence when things start to get rough. First the reality check… I do not want this article to give the … Read More

Thinking the Unsinkable – Part 1

Yves Le Blevec and Jean le Cam capsized their powerful 50ft trimaran, probably after hitting an object in the water an hour after the start of last year’s Transat Jacques Vabre. The crew just waited on top for rescue. Note how high it floats and the escape hatch in the main hull Congratulations on your wise choice of a boat … Read More

Only For Nutters – Part 20

Window shape can have a huge effect on the overall appearance of the boat, so I had originally decided to wait until I could see the boat from far enough away to be able to get the perfect shapes with bits of black paper. But as the polytunnel prevents this I thought it might have to be a job postponed … Read More